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ZenFri is an internationally recognized and award-winning interactive studio that leverages cutting-edge design and technology to push the boundaries of storytelling.

Working across an array of mediums, including Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), and gaming, we create lovingly crafted experiences for clients and consumers across Canada and around the world. 

At ZenFri, we pride ourselves in always pursuing endeavours we believe in, putting our conviction ahead of money since our founding 16 years ago. As a company founded by artists, we work every day to put something we’re passionate about into the world. 

We signed the Climate Action Pledge because we believe actions have consequences and that we can make a difference no matter how big or small we are. This is an area where “artist” and “business” truly agree – that individual action matters. It’s why we set out to build a company and thirst to create something of meaning. 

Everything we say, do, buy, and exist with is an action that has a tangible outcome to our life and environment. There’s a saying in the Zero Waste Community: “If you manufacture a product that will end up in a landfill in a couple of years, you aren’t manufacturing a product. You’re manufacturing garbage.”

Business owners need to consider their services long-term, past the original transaction. Where do your action’s efforts and resources go in 2 years? In 5 years? We have the amazing opportunity to make daily small decisions that are in favour of climate action.

At ZenFri, we’ve made many personal and company-wide changes to the way we conduct business and life in favour of a lower carbon and less resource intensive impact. We no longer attend international conferences, which significantly reduces air travel, and are fully remote, reducing the team’s commuting impact. Counter intuitively, this has led to greater growth both nationally and internationally.

This growth comes from a thoughtful product-first design approach, and a team focused on executing. A focus that is more intense and invigorated due to less commuting stress and travel time. Who can really concentrate on a product when they’re sitting in an airport in a different timezone, preparing for a booth or talk, or just figuring out how to get around in a new city? All that time goes into the product, and our products speak for themselves, bringing new work without travel expenditures or environmental impact.

Beyond these factors, we are increasingly alarmed with the lack of progress on climate change and are each looking for new ways to move our business in a greener direction, signing this pledge is just one of those ways. 

Dee King & Corey King
ZenFri Inc.

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