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Companies of all sizes and from all sectors are declaring their support for climate action by signing the Climate Action Pledge. BizforClimate is bringing together businesses to speak with a common voice and advocate for public policy and climate solutions to support the rapid transition to an emissions-free economy. Add your company’s name to the pledge and become part of a growing movement of like-minded businesses committed to driving change through collective action. 

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It’s important for the business community to come together to create action and to promote the economic benefits of making environmentally-friendly choices. We can amplify our voices and our collective message when we work together.

JP Perron
President & CEO, Payworks

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Business owners have a direct impact in their communities and the way in which their businesses operate and influence others. Collectively, we have a strong voice that can be used to help impact other decision makers’ mindsets.

Todd Burns
Vice President, Strategic Initiatives, Cypher Environmental

open quote Susan Hurrell

There is no Planet B – we’re all in this together and the clock is ticking.  Seeing the business sector increasingly take up the cause of environment stewardship makes my heart happy. Consumers can’t do it all, without changes at the business level that affect how we live more responsibly, and what we consume, influenced by increasing multi-level environmental intelligence.

Let’s use our collective business horse-power to work together, creating sensible, economically sound, and meaningful change.

Susan Hurrell
Director, Lead Management, Neovation Learning Solutions

open quote Dan Blair

Businesses have the most significant impact on climate change. Business owners need to speak up because they will inspire and drive their teams to a positive impact and set an example for the people working with and for them.

Daniel Blair
CEO and Founder, Bit Space Development Ltd

open quote heidi reimer-epp

Leading by example is critical to our mission, so signing the Climate Action Pledge is an important step to show that we care and are committed to taking action. We see the climate crisis and we want to be a part of the community that stands together to fight it.

Heidi Reimer-Epp
CEO and Founder, Botanical Paperworks

open quote Rick Penner

Our heavy reliance on fossil fuels as an energy source is a monumental problem that will require all sectors, organizations, and individuals to be part of the solution. I know a lot of successful entrepreneurs who are also parents and citizens and care deeply about the welfare of the planet and its people. BizforClimate sends an important signal about the urgency of the climate crisis to the rest of society generally, and policy-makers specifically.

Rick Penner, Board Director
President, Emerge Knowledge

open quote chris maxfield

Indigeno Travel believes it is important to be active in the fight for climate action. Signing the Climate Action Pledge sends a clear signal to the government that the business community is taking this issue seriously.

Chris Maxfield
Founder & VP Business Development, Indigeno Travel

open quote Jeff Vilar

Climate change is our here and now, and there are many businesses in our world that take no action against it. In fact, many businesses profit from it. And we’ve rationalized this as ‘okay’ because ‘it’s just the cost of doing business.’ We feel it is important to support BizforClimate because their mission is to not only raise awareness for climate change but also to help businesses enact meaningful and substantial change.

Jeff Vilar
President, Naida Communications

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The team at BizforClimate really make you feel like you’re part of something bigger, more influential, and that your being consistent with a green mindset will truly have positive, long-term results.

Suzanne Braun
Founder & Managing Director
Relish New Brand Experience

open quote maddie thompson

MAD Social Agency signed the Climate Action Pledge because we believe favourable climate action should be a top priority for business. My hope is that BizforClimate can influence business owners and policymakers so we can address the climate crisis, build awareness around the issue, and ultimately, take action!

Maddie Thompson
Founder, MAD Social Agency

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Titan Environmental signed up for the Climate Action Pledge because we, as a company, believe in the cause. We see BizforClimate as a conduit to educate and raise awareness about global climate change issues while acting as valuable public resources.

Juice Lambert
President, Canada & Partner, Titan Environmental Containment

open quote Louise May

As a business owner, a business advisor and a community activist, I believe that the business community can and must step up to the forefront of the social transformation required at present. 

Louise May, Board Director
Owner-Operator, Aurora Farm

open quote dee king

BizforClimate is the spark that unites smart business with agile conservation. Business leaders are already disrupting old corporate practices and stale ideas. They’re re-shaping industries with a new, modern lens — climate guardianship and renewed policy are the next frontiers.

Dee King, Board Director & Treasurer
Co-Founder, Zenfri Inc.

open quote Ed Buller

I chose to work with BizforClimate because I believe that the mission, vision and capacity of the entity deals directly with the change and innovation required by climate change issues, one of the most significant issues facing both the private and public sectors today.

Ed Buller, Board Director and Vice-Chair
Principal and President, EICO Management Inc.

open quote Derek Earl

To bring about the changes we need with speed and scale, there is a tremendous need to mobilize and I believe the business community has an incredibly important role and responsibility to help lead the way. 

Derek Earl, Founder & Board Chair

Reasons to Sign

Be proactive and have a voice on this important issue. Signing the Pledge makes a real impact and helps drive positive change. 

One quick and easy step to opt-in and participate: sign the Climate Action Pledge. It takes less than a minute to sign the Pledge!

No cost to become a Signatory. We welcome and appreciate all our sponsors and donors, but there is no cost to take this first step and sign on to the Pledge!

Companies showing leadership on climate action benefit in many ways: reputation, employee engagement, competitive advantage, and more. It’s good for the planet and good for business!

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