It Takes Action

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Signing a Pledge is a great first step, and it is vital that businesses philosophically understand and align their business decisions to well conceived goals. 

But, it’s only a first step. While there are many ways you can take action, one important way is to support BizforClimate financially.

We Need Your Help

BizforClimate, a not-for-profit organization, does not rely upon government grants or funds. We believe business led solutions powered by business investment is a sustainable model, effectively positioning our voice as advocates who influence policies and mandates.

BizforClimate has incredible potential to to be a thought leader, shaping conversations and creating a forum for progressive decarbonization.

For us, inaction on climate change is not an option. Now is the time to dedicate our companies to a low/no carbon future,.

As a contributor to BizforClimate, your donation goes directly to building capacity in support of building a zero emission economy.

Important note: as an advocacy organization BizforClimate is NOT a registered charity and therefore we cannot offer a tax-deductible receipt.

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Climate change solutions we embrace today should take into account our future generations and because “the economic horse pulls the social wagon”, it’s vital that business be at the forefront of climate change solutions. I encourage the business community at all levels to sign The Pledge and join BizforClimate.

Stan Higgins
President, VersaPile Inc.

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It’s important for the business community to come together to create action and to promote the economic benefits of making environmentally-friendly choices. We can amplify our voices and our collective message when we work together.

JP Perron
President & CEO, Payworks

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Business owners have a direct impact in their communities and the way in which their businesses operate and influence others. Collectively, we have a strong voice that can be used to help impact other decision makers’ mindsets.

Todd Burns
Vice President, Strategic Initiatives, Cypher Environmental

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There is no Planet B – we’re all in this together and the clock is ticking.  Seeing the business sector increasingly take up the cause of environment stewardship makes my heart happy. Consumers can’t do it all, without changes at the business level that affect how we live more responsibly, and what we consume, influenced by increasing multi-level environmental intelligence.

Let’s use our collective business horse-power to work together, creating sensible, economically sound, and meaningful change.

Susan Hurrell
Director, Lead Management, Neovation Learning Solutions

Other Ways to Take Action