Environmental Careers Organization of Canada

ECO Canada acts as the steward for the Canadian environmental workforce across all industries. From job creation and wage funding, to training and labour market research, they champion the end-to-end career of all environmental professionals. Eco Canada aims to promote and drive responsible, sustainable economic growth, while also ensuring that environmental best practices remain a priority. They challenge the status quo by existing outside the typical activist mentality.

Working alongside government, policy makers, academia, students, employers, professionals, industry, and international audiences, Eco Canada ensures their support to Canada as a global leader in innovative workforce solutions and job creation. They remain the go-to source in the environmental labour market; their research provides unmatched statistics and analysis on the economic and labour trends that identify workforce gaps within industry.

Whether you are an employer, a professional, a new practitioner, an educator or a student, take advantage of Eco Canada’s vast set of programs, resources, and funding to assist in your endeavours within the environmental workforce. 

More Resources

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