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Why did Coelement sign the Climate Action Pledge?

The protection of our planet is an important and top priority for Coelement as we strive to consistently act on and promote climate protection. We signed the Pledge because we need climate action today. It’s organizations like BizforClimate that will help advocate for policies and procedures that will advance climate action solutions, creating a better, brighter future for future generations.  

Why is it important that business owners speak up and show leadership on climate change?

Business owners play a crucial role in addressing climate change for several reasons:

  • Influence and Reach: They often have significant influence over their industry, customers, and supply chains, allowing them to drive wider adoption of sustainable practices.
  • Economic Impact: Businesses contribute significantly to carbon emissions, so their proactive steps can have a substantial impact on reducing overall emissions.
  • Innovation and Solutions: Businesses have the resources and capabilities to innovate and implement effective solutions for sustainability.
  • Responsibility and Reputation: Taking a stand on climate change can enhance a company’s reputation and align with the growing public expectation for corporate social responsibility.
  • Risk Management: Addressing climate change is essential for long-term business sustainability, as it mitigates risks associated with environmental changes and regulatory shifts.

What is something you hope BizforClimate can change through our collective efforts?

BizforClimate, through collective efforts, can significantly contribute to fostering a culture of sustainability within the business community. By advocating for and implementing environmentally friendly practices, the organization can:

  • Drive Industry-Wide Change: Influence widespread adoption of green practices across various industries, leading to substantial reductions in carbon emissions and other environmental impacts.
  • Promote Sustainable Innovation: Encourage and facilitate the development of innovative solutions and technologies that address environmental challenges.
  • Educate and Inspire: Increase awareness and knowledge about climate issues among businesses, leading to more informed decision-making and a broader understanding of the importance of sustainable practices.
  • Influence Policy: Act as a powerful voice in shaping climate-related policies and regulations, ensuring they are effective and business-friendly.
  • Create Economic Opportunities: Help businesses discover and leverage economic opportunities that arise from sustainable practices, such as cost savings, new markets, and investment prospects.

By achieving these objectives, BizforClimate can play a pivotal role in transitioning the business world towards a more sustainable and environmentally responsible future.

What’s a simple change that you have made for the environment and that other businesses could do?

At Coelement we have developed a few climate focused business practices, including becoming a completely digital (paperless) company,  promoting and supporting sustainable design, building practices, and encouraging sustainable transportation for our employees, suppliers and partners. 

Adam Duguay
Principal | Director of Creative & Execution 

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