Climate Action Pledge

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Why should your company sign the Climate Action Pledge?

  • Be part of the solution – Be proactive and have a voice on this important issue.
  • Simple – One quick and easy step to opt-in and participate: sign the Climate Action Pledge.
  • Free – No cost to become a Signatory.
  • Branding and reputation – Companies showing leadership on climate action benefit in many ways: reputation, employee engagement, competitive advantage, etc.
  • This is a place for business owners – We offer an inviting, professional, business-friendly environment.

The Climate Action Pledge

As business owners and leaders of companies, we are concerned by the growing risks that climate change and the associated environmental degradation pose to our collective well-being and economic prosperity. We share a commitment to elevating the attention and resources directed towards solving the climate crisis and transitioning to a zero-carbon economy.

We acknowledge that:

  • Climate change is real and is accelerating at an alarming rate. It threatens the well-being of our economy, our ecosystems, and our communities. The science is clear and conclusive. Failure to plan, act, and adapt will impose greater financial costs on businesses and taxpayers.
  • Building cleaner, more resilient and sustainable economies is the best path to economic prosperity. Global leading companies and jurisdictions are already driving the transition to a low carbon economy. Taking strong action on climate is crucial economic strategy to long-term competitiveness and prosperity.
  • Well-conceived public policies are required to rapidly deploy climate solutions at scale. We must move beyond individuals or companies acting alone. We need businesses to act collectively, using their voice and influence to call for policies that will facilitate and fast-track the transition to a sustainable, prosperous, zero-carbon economy in line with the established science.

By signing the Climate Action Pledge, we add our names and join with other companies to:

  1. Support the work of BizforClimate to achieve its mission.
  2. Prioritize policy solutions appropriate to the scale and magnitude of the climate crisis.
  3. Advocate within our networks, communities, and supply chains in favour of bold and rapid action to decarbonize the economy.


Signing this pledge does not assume a blanket use of your company’s name in reference to specific policy positions. BizforClimate will use polling, focus groups and other methods to propose strategies for collective action. Signatories will also be able to identify and act on issues relevant to their own businesses.

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