Climate Change
is Everyone’s Business


As a private sector, business-led organization we’re laser-focused on climate action as our central organizing principle.

Driving forward with positive and collaborative messaging focused on benefits of action, we’re supporting better outcomes for our planet and our economy.

Broad-based and inclusive to all sectors and company sizes—enterprise, small business, or start-up—we invite all to join the cause.

Designed to leverage the unique strengths, resources, and perspectives of the business community we’re advancing climate solutions at scale.

We are strictly non-partisan in our approach to public policy.

We believe that the private business sector, as an engine of growth and innovation, has the capacity and responsibility to make zero emissions a reality for tomorrow’s generation.

What We Do

Influence Public Policy Dialogue

BizforClimate brings new messengers into the dialogue. We represent like-minded businesses with a positive, credible voice for change to help depolarize and de-politicize the broader debate. We demonstrate to policy-makers, business associations, and the general public that broad support exists to address the climate crisis and promote collective action.

Cultivate Positive Behaviour

BizforClimate encourages and enables businesses to take small and bigger steps and become advocates within their networks and communities (crawl, walk run approach). We offer clear, simple, and thoughtful opportunities for those looking to take more action, and celebrate our accomplishments and the leadership of Signatories.

Creating New Social Norms

BizforClimate paves the way for business owners to acknowledge their concerns about climate change. Until recently, it was not always socially acceptable for companies to take a positive position on climate. We work to overcome perceived risks of being “punished” by clients or shareholders and encourage businesses to use their influence for positive change.

Transforming Our Corporate Identity

By signing the Climate Action Pledge and associating with BizforClimate, business owners identify as the type of person/company/business owner that acts on the climate crisis. This type of change in identity supports the broader action necessary to decarbonize the economy and for climate solutions to gain acceptance at scale.

Board of Directors

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Signing the Climate Action Pledge means you are declaring your support for climate action and endorsing the key messages contained in the text of the Pledge, which are: 

  1. Climate change is an urgent problem
  2. Going all in on climate action is our best strategy to long term economic prosperity
  3. Public policy is required to achieve climate solutions with the speed and scale required

As a business owner or senior executive you are pledging your sphere of influence to advance the general principles guiding climate awareness.  We’re seeking your support to help advocate within your networks, supply chains, and communities in favour of the decisive climate action we urgently need to decarbonize the economy.

In general, this means supporting the work of BizforClimate to achieve our mission, participating where and when you can in further campaigns or actions. There is no absolute right or wrong way to proceed. BizforClimate aims to use our collective voice to help each other find better ways to achieve this.

Your company’s name will appear in the Signatory list as found on the Pledge Signatory page of this website.  The Signatory list may also be shared from time to time with policy-makers as part of our advocacy efforts. 

Otherwise, your business name will not be specifically used unless you become a sponsor or agree to participate in other promotional activities or communications. We will not share your personal information. 

The story we are telling is that a growing group of companies is signing the Pledge, and we share the key messages of the Climate Action Pledge. 

As we move forward, BizforClimate will coordinate and facilitate opportunities for collective action and facilitate campaigns to influence public policy. We will share these action opportunities withyou — and hope you take part! — but you will always have the choice to “opt-in” and decide if you would like to add your support to the specific initiative.

BizforClimate supports climate policies in line with established climate science, which means doing all we can to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and limit global heating to not more than 1.5 degrees Celsius. 

Doing so requires massive emissions reductions across every sector of the economy (cut in half by 2030 and net-zero by 2050), and therefore requires public policies that can steer this transition with speed and at scale. Our goal is to ensure policy-makers are aware there is a broad and growing base of support within the business community to help enable this transition. 

BizforClimate is raising awareness of the importance of climate action. We are mobilizing businesses to drive collective action to tackle climate change and advocate for public policy that is fit for purpose to steer this transition. This is necessary and important to keep climate action at the top of the agenda. 

A request to policy-makers is that this “climate lens” be applied broadly and consistently to our collective decision-making so that we are clearly moving forward on a path in line with a 1.5 degrees. 

In the case where specific policy options come forward for discussion and collective action, BizforClimate may use tools such as focus groups, surveys and information sessions to gauge the pulse of the Signatories and provide opportunities for input.  

There are many ways to help! Here are just some of steps you can take and we invite you to contact us to:

  • Speak with business owners in your network and encourage them to sign the Climate Action Pledge. Every new signature makes an impact. 
  • Display the “We Signed the Climate Action Pledge” badge on your website, in your social media, and in your promotional materials. 
  • Share your story on social media! Tell us why you signed the pledge and what actions you are doing to start addressing climate change. We have lots of pre-prepared material you can access. We’ll send you the links when you sign on!
  • Tag @bizforclimate in your social media when you are talking about any related issues and sharing important information. We’ll gladly share and repost and help amplify your message! We want to celebrate companies like yours that are helping to make a difference. 
  • Become a Sponsor or advertise with us. A win-win scenario that helps promote your business to a unique audience of businesses committed to supporting climate action. It also directly helps grow the organization.  Click here for more information.

Your signature is your own.  Any time you wish to disengage as a Signatory, please simply send us an email stating this and we will remove your name, no questions asked.  

Have more questions? Send us your questions. We would love to connect and tell you more.