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What differentiates BizforClimate?

  • A private sector, business-led organization laser-focused on climate action as the central organizing principle.
  • Positive and collaborative messaging focused on benefits of action and better outcomes for our planet and our economy.
  • Broad-based and inclusive to all sectors and company sizes – enterprise, small business, or start-up.
  • Designed to leverage the unique strengths, resources, and perspectives of the business community to advance climate solutions at scale.
  • Strictly non-partisan in our approach to public policy.

What outcomes are we producing?

Influencing public policy dialogue.

BizforClimate brings new messengers into the dialogue. We represent like-minded businesses with a positive, credible voice for change to help depolarize and de-politicize the broader debate. We demonstrate to policy-makers, business associations, and the general public that
broad support exists to address the climate crisis and promote collective action.

Cultivating positive behaviour.

BizforClimate encourages and enables businesses to take small and bigger steps and become advocates within their networks and communities (crawl, walk run approach). We offer clear, simple, and thoughtful opportunities for those looking to take more action, and celebrate our accomplishments and the leadership of Signatories.

Creating new social norms.

BizforClimate paves the way for business owners to acknowledge their concerns about climate change. Until recently, it was not always socially acceptable for companies to take a positive position on climate. We work to overcome perceived risks of being “punished” by clients or
shareholders and encourage businesses to use their influence for positive change.

Transforming our corporate identities.

By signing the Climate Action Pledge and associating with BizforClimate, business owners identify as the type of person/company/business owner that acts on the climate crisis. This type of change in identity supports the broader action necessary to decarbonize the economy and for climate solutions to gain acceptance at scale.

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